Well, this year has sure flown by! It’s hard for me to believe we are already at the end of November and Thanksgiving is just a few days away. Does anyone else feel that way? I seem to feel this way every year.  When I look back over the course of this year, my life has had a number of changes. Some very positive changes! Changes that have, in a sense, made me a better person and business owner all around. To sum it up, I, with a bit of help, launched a beautiful website, jumped on the bandwagon of all this social media marketing and built a small empire of followers, started this blog and learned a whole new business and website operating system. This, all the while running the day to day functions of my business and being a mother, friend and role model to my children. I’m sure I’m forgetting something too.  BUT one thing is true, all of this would not have happened without all of your support, so at this Thanksgiving time, I am most thankful for all the opportunity I have been afforded this year, all the encouragement, all the support, praises, compliments and even the criticism, because, let’s face it, we’re not perfect. So, this is a note of THANKS to you all! Personally, I’m also thankful for many things…my family and friends, my doggie, my home, my health, love, coffee, ice cream, pretzels, peanut butter and coffee, to name just a few, I could continue but I’ll spare you.

Ok, onto the real stuff, what I’ve been up to lately. I’ve had the pleasure of working on some beautiful wedding pieces over the last few months.  I’ve recently added a few of them to the website and I’ll let you in on another one coming soon. The first is this light blue and silver wedding invitation. While this invitation was used in the fall, it’s a growing and popular color combo for a beautiful, romantic winter wedding. The whole ensemble is very calming to the soul. Take a look.

light-blue-and-silver-wedding-invitations-10 light-blue-and-silver-wedding-invitations-8 light-blue-and-silver-wedding-invitations-3

Next up is a new favorite of mine. Per a customers request, this is what we came up with.

champagne-wedding-invitations-11 champagne-wedding-invitations-5 champagne-wedding-invitations-8

This lavish champagne wedding invitation will surely let your guests in on what to expect for your big day!  Fine, upscale, elegant and simply divine, I can go on and on. Lastly, but not least, I’ve been working on perfecting the next invitation so I can submit it for a contest with a vendor. I’ll be sure to keep everyone informed on what happens but the final product turned out better than I expected.  This one is called Pink Peony Wedding Invitation. Peonies have been popping up quite a bit in weddings and are very popular especially in this rose, blush or very light pink color. It’s also done in a brand NEW pocketframe style invitation, which adds a photo of the couple. Here’s a quick look at how this one turned out.  It will be available very soon!

pink peony wedding invitations 18 pink peony wedding invitations 17 pink peony wedding invitations 12 pink peony wedding invitations

Check out these invitations on my website and let me know if you have any questions about anything. Stay tuned and follow me on Pinterest too as I’ll be creating some useful inspiration boards with these invitations as your starting point. As always, thank you for stopping by and reading. Wishing everyone a very safe and Happy Thanksgiving!