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Alright, here goes, my first offical blog post for Too Chic & Little Shab.  For those of you that are new followers, it’s Julie here, designer and owner.  You can read a whole lot more about me in the “About the Designer” section.  Enjoy!  A whole lot of emotions are running through me right now.  I’m a little scared, nervous and super duper excited all at once about my whole new adventure with my website.  It has been an extremely busy few months of getting this all up and running.  I’ve learned a whole lot, some stuff I have no clue about, and that I give all my THANKS to Brian Dausman for.  He’s been a big help throughout this whole process and I seriously from the deep down bottom of my heart could not thank him enough.  I was completely lost with the decision to build my own website and stray away from all that I’ve known for 4 very busy years of my life and he’s helped me put my vision all together.  Eventhough it was a little crazy, we got there!  So, WELCOME to my little studio.  A piece of my life that I take great pride in.  Designing invitations and all sorts of coordinating items has been a true joy in my life.  Something I didn’t go to school for, but something I’ve discovered, perhaps this is what I’m destined to do.  Just as I have quoted,

“Our destiny is within us, we just have to be brave enough to see it.”

I think I’ve seen it, a number of times.  This is why I’m here writing this post on my OWN real website!  I’m in pure disbelief still, can you tell?  Anyhow, one of the biggest reasons I love doing what I do is because it has lead me to meeting some of the greatest people, my clients, who have taught me so much about life, myself and to keep going and doing what I’m doing.  Seriously!  I feel I have met people of all paths and everyone of them has offered something new and allowed me to play a part, not physically, in some of the most important times in their lives.  Whether it be for a wedding, big birthday, new baby, baptism, retirement, etcetera, it all starts with an INVITATION.  I do hope you’ll visit my site from time to time as new products and pieces are added regularly and I will blog about them and any other new and exciting projects regularly too.  So stay tuned in.  I’m truly excited about this new door of opportunity that has opened up and looking forward to working with you!



  1. This is so great! The site looks awesome! Congratulations on your new adventure! It will without a doubt be a huge success! =) xoxo

  2. Congtatulations to my daughter, Julie! The website is very nice and I am sure this adventure will be great! I am very proud of you and look forward to future posts. Great job!

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