While most of this blog is intended to share the exciting new projects and invitation designs we are working on here at Too Chic & Little Shab, today I want to break from that(Even though I’ve kinda taken a break from writing on the blog for a bit already. He he) and write a little bit more about me and particularly how I’m feeling today. I have so many emotions and I need to write them. I have two kiddos that are officially off to school for a whole full day! Seems so eerie. I feel like I should be jumping for joy or shouting from a rooftop, I’m FREE, I’m FREE!! I’ve longed for this time for so long, but to tell you the truth, I’m really sad. Maybe I have the back to school blues? I started this business 7 years ago when I quit my full time job as a human resource professional to be a “mom” to my daughter. Seems like yesterday really, but earlier she left for her first day of 2nd grade. A few short years later my son was born and now he’s off with my oldest to a full day of Kindergarten. I feel so blessed and truly grateful that this business has supplemented our families income over the last number of years and allowed me the opportunity to work around them and be home for everything.  I enjoyed a whole lot of time with the kids, many good days and of course there were many bad days too, let’s be honest. All this in the midst of my craziness owning this biz. Last night I closed my eyes after reading what another mom said, and all I could think was how true it was. “Don’t Blink!” It’s a great song by Kenny Chesney. If you get a sec, google it. The words always get to me, seriously though, time goes faster than we think, try and slow down, find something to appreciate and be grateful for everyday. Love those important to you too. Another one by Trace Adkins, “You’re Gonna Miss This.”And that, I surely am. Onto a new chapter.

Posted on my refrigerator for many years.

Remember: The days are long, the years are short.

My babies, because they always will be.

Gigi Anthony first day 2015 Gigi Anthony first day 2015_2~ Julie